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Since 1984, CDV has become an important small leather goods and accessories manufacturer. We work alongside our clients to design, develop and manufacture high quality belts, ready-to-wear or Haute Couture accessories. We are proud to be partners of the most prestigious luxury brands in the leather goods and Haute Couture industry.

At CDV, our strength resides in our valuable and thorough staff that is composed of men and women with specific skills and many years of experience. We also invest in the skill development of a younger generation of employees in order to maintain our standards of excellence and answer our every clients' new challenges.

In addition, our clients value our large range of machines and equipments, integrated supply chain softwares, a significant and secured stocking area, as well as our geographic location 1 hour away from paris which gives us the ability to respond quickly to any need. At Cuir Du Vaudreuil, we are proud to be part of the "Made In France" legacy.