Fauvel - Normandy Ceramics

Range of contemporary tiles. 100% French - 100% artisanal
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Fauvel - Normandy Ceramics

For more than 60 years, we, the artisans at Normandy Ceramics, have combined tradition and innovation, experience and excellence. We blend our ancestral savoir-faire and avant-gardist inspiration to create tiles and objects.

The source of our savoir-faire is the company Fauvel: it is the pride and joy of Normandy traditional craftsmanship, producing enamelled terra cotta tiles for over 60 years by using a 100% artisan process.

The company’s unique expertise is nationally recognized, receiving the prestigious “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label that awards commitment to preserving living heritage.

A history of savoir-faire : What is our most precious tool of all? Our hands. From obtaining plasticity of the clay to enamelling, firing and packaging, our hands guide our products through each process. It is the only method that guarantees the highest level of excellence through each production stage of our ceramic creations. Nothing in the world can replace human’s unique talents in appreciating this extraordinary sensorial material: listening to the gentle tinkle of the tile as it leaves the kiln to hear the clay’s dazzling timbre, lightly caressing the material to assess its asperities, carefully observing the surface of each tile… In our workshops, each and every tile is examined at least once by our craftsmen. We are proud to perpetuate this traditional savoir-faire and bring it to life every day in our Normandy workshops.

Une collection d’inspirations: Notre vaste catalogue de carreaux contemporains « haute-couture » répond aux demandes d'aménagement les plus sophistiquées : salles de bains contemporaines ou cuisines design, les intérieurs les plus raffinés sauront être sublimés par nos céramiques d'exception.

Monumental projects Prestigious monuments are enhanced by some of our most beautiful creations: the Mont Saint-Michel, the Grand Trianon in Versailles, the Donjon of the Chateau of Vincennes, the Royal Logis in the Chateau d’Angers… so many beautiful, classified World Heritage buildings enriched by our savoir-faire. We are proud and honoured to have contributed to their splendour.

A collection of inspirations Our extensive catalogue of contemporary “haute couture” tiles meets the most sophisticated requests: from contemporary bathrooms to designer kitchens, the most refined interiors are enhanced by our exceptional ceramic tiles.

An offer shaped specifically for you Our unique expertise combines the flexibility of artisanal manufacturing with the highest quality of industrial production. We proudly brandish our savoir-faire and are impatient to share it with you. See you soon in the world of Normandy Ceramics…