With the support of the Normandy region, ARSEN aims to bring together, on a regional scale, companies united by their expertise. From a wide variety of sectors (construction, textiles, beauty, luxury goods, industry, food processing, decoration, etc.), these companies have a direct link with the region’s history.

Excellence in Normandy

Normandy is much more than just a region; it symbolizes excellence at its best. From its emblematic landscapes to its rich cultural heritage, Normandy stands out as the home of exceptional skills.

Acting as a key player, ARSEN’s mission is to highlight and preserve this excellence by fostering collaboration and supporting businesses. Within this framework, we are working to develop an industry of excellence, helping to consolidate and promote the exceptional know-how for which Normandy is renowned.

Norman know-how

In the heart of the Normandy region, local artisans imbue their work with a unique know-how that helps shape the region’s identity. ARSEN is fully committed to preserving and promoting these exceptional skills, working to perpetuate a genuine living heritage.

ARSEN strives to shed light on the distinctive skills for which the region is renowned.


Construction and heritage preservation


Fashion, linen processing


Normandy specialties




Industrial construction companies


Body care, perfume, make-up

Normandy know-how & traditions

Preserving these craft traditions is not just about preserving the past, it’s also about bringing them into the present and passing them on to future generations. That’s why ARSEN has become a key player in safeguarding this living heritage, by promoting initiatives and projects that highlight the authenticity and quality of Norman products.

Beyond simply passing on skills, the association also encourages innovation and creativity while respecting traditions, enabling constant adaptation to contemporary developments. Norman know-how is not frozen in time, but evolves with the world around it, while preserving the very essence of its cultural heritage.

The EPV label: the excellence of French know-how

The “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (EPV) label is a prestigious mark of recognition awarded by the French government. Its aim is to highlight French companies and their industrial and artisanal know-how, distinguished by their excellence.

The EPV label is a symbol of honor awarded to companies with exceptional skills, playing an essential role in enriching France’s economic heritage. Through this distinction, the French government recognizes and values companies that embody the pinnacle of French craftsmanship and industry.

EPV-labeled companies

ARSEN membership offers a unique opportunity to join a community of companies that have been honored with the EPV label. These companies share a common commitment to excellence and authenticity, constituting a benchmark network in the French economic panorama.

By becoming members of ARSEN, companies play an active role in preserving and promoting traditional know-how, thereby helping to safeguard France’s economic and cultural heritage. It also enhances the visibility and reputation of companies at both national and international level, attesting to their commitment to high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

ARSEN Board of Directors

The association is administered by a board of between 5 and 15 members, elected for a 3-year term, each of whom is a director of a Normandy Living Heritage Company or of a Normandy company with excellent know-how. It thus brings together experts from a wide range of professional sectors, forming a diversified pool of skills. The Board’s main responsibility is to guide and oversee the implementation of ARSEN’s mission.

The Board meets at least twice a year. ARSEN members meet quarterly. These meetings are crucial moments when members come together to discuss, plan and coordinate ARSEN’s various initiatives. It’s an opportunity to examine current actions in detail, assess progress and make important strategic decisions.