BOHIN, France's only manufacturer of needles and pins.

BOHIN, an emblematic brand of haberdashery tools since 1833, is France’s last remaining manufacturer of sewing needles and pins. The quality of BOHIN needles and their incomparable glide are recognized the world over. To produce these needles, the company has preserved a semi-artisanal know-how where time and attention to detail are important. The production workshops are open to the public and welcome thousands of visitors every year. This know-how, unique in France, has earned BOHIN the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label.

Today, BOHIN offers a catalog of over 2,500 haberdashery tool references distributed in over 60 countries worldwide. The brand, renowned for its quality, also works with trusted manufacturing partners to offer products that complement its own production, always modern and premium. With its sights firmly set on the future, BOHIN continues to seduce with the quality and modernity of its products, under the leadership of young managers who are committed to Made in France!


D 293
61300 - Saint-Sulpice-sur-Risle