Lehodey Vani-Bois


Basketry, wicker and rattan

Founded in 1864, today’s LEHODEY company was active in wicker weaving, which enabled it to meet the growing demand for baskets, trunks, vans and cradles…

As early as the 1960s, the first wicker furniture, then wicker / rattan, was created, and in 1975, a first participation in the Salon des ateliers d’arts et de création (which later became the PAAS “Paris Ateliers d’Art Show” and now “Maison et Objets”) enabled us to present and sell French know-how to the most prominent boutiques for over 20 years.

In 1995, the 5th generation took over the business, adding wood furniture and, from 2000, digital cutting and machining tools: from now on, the ancestral know-how of hand-weaving plant materials is combined with computer-aided design, contemporary creations and even the ultimate privilege, recognized by leading luxury houses.


Rue de la Vannerie
50570 - Remilly-sur-Lozon