Wood turning and machining

Founded in 1950, Tournabois began as a simple sawmill before specializing in turning to supply handles to tool manufacturers, and kitchen utensils. Under the management of Vincent Galopin since 2015, the company has expanded into niche markets, including the turning of staircase balusters and boissellerie.

It excels in the manufacture of round pieces for interior design, furniture restoration and the creation of objects for the home, from small pieces of furniture to kitchen utensils. Its expertise includes working with a variety of woods, from beech and ash to exotic woods.

Tournabois, focused on French manufacturing, sells only its own products, certified Origine France Garantie. Its commitment to sustainability is reflected in the use of wood from responsibly managed sources.


45 Rue de Beausoleil
50800 - Villedieu-les-Poêles