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La Poterie du mesnil de bavent

Unique site in the region – 15 000m2 production and exhibition space. To enter the world of the Poterie du Mesnil de Bavent is to catch a glimpse of a pottery in the 1800s. The potters continue to work using traditional methods of production, fascinating and magical all at once.

The pottery was established in 1842. The pottery has continued to make by hand an amazing range of architectural decorations for which it gained national recognition with the label E.P.V. in 2007, 2012 et 2017.

Guided tours of the workshop are available to groups, but must be booked ahead. The pottery is an exciting and vibrant historical site, exporting worldwide all the traditional items for which it has become famous.

The pottery has a busy calendar of events during the year, with different artists exhibiting in the gallery every month, and a crafts fair once a year. The shop, which is open all year round, overflows with items made on site for all budgets.