Maison Berger

Interior perfume specialist


Maison Berger

For a long time, a home fragrance was a functional product, its only purpose being to hide certain unpleasant smells. It has since become an attractive, beneficial, uplifting and innocuous scented object, now required to stir an emotion. In this light, Maison Berger Paris is by your side to contribute to your well-being, embellish your everyday life and also look after your interior air.

Air care : the products have purifying and cleansing virtues and act on unpleasant smells.

Fragrance : from fragrances for your enjoyment to home fragrances, including aromachological fragrances, etc.

Decoration : aesthetics guide every product, from the simplest diffuser to the genuine, signed object of art.

There are so many enduring characteristics which have defined the brand from the beginning and which make it different to the others. All of the brand’s creations must be in tune with this identity.